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Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs Willimantic

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs Willimantic Addiction and Recovery Guide...   In today's society many people are suffering from drug and alcohol use problems, however many people are not educated on the subject. In addition, many people have no idea how to recognize a drug use problem... Read More

Willimantic Heroin Rehab

Did you know that Willimantic Heroin Rehabs offers high-quality services that can get you started on your road to recovery?...   You have been fighting your addiction for a while now... You've googled the typical "drug rehab centers near me" information to see what comes up and ... Read More

Officials Meet for Talks on Heroin Addiction in Connecticut

Following a seemingly growing epidemic of heroin addiction and abuse in Willimantic and its surrounding areas, a lawmaker, along with mental health officials and drug abuse experts, met to discuss how to combat the heroin addiction problem. Sen. Richard Blumenthal laid out the statistics of the stat... Read More

How to Maintain Sobriety after Rehab

The defining characteristic of substance addiction is the inability to resist the urge to drink or use drugs. Until a substance abuser has tried and failed to halt drug use, most individuals believe that can stop and maintain sobriety without professional help. While there are some who succeed, ther... Read More

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