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An addiction to drugs or alcohol can be notoriously hard to beat. The combination of physical and psychological damage caused by substance abuse makes treating this disease difficult. Professional programs that are designed to treat addiction can offer the best care for patients who are struggling to quit using illicit and prescription drugs or alcohol.

Rehab Recovery Programs and Therapy, Willimantic can point addicts and their families in the direction of reputable experts and all-inclusive treatment programs. Patients can find a variety of therapies and methods intended to help treat withdrawal, mental disorders, and more. Those who are seeking treatment in Willimantic are encouraged to call (860) 207-8364 to learn more.

Drug Recovery Programs and Their Functions

The idea that addiction can be overcome with "willpower" is a common misconception. The stigma that surrounds struggling with substance abuse and entering rehab can make addicts feel ashamed or hesitant to seek treatment. The reality is that few people who are actively addicted to drugs or alcohol can stop using without professional help.

A good drug treatment program is designed to successfully engage every aspect of the addiction in order to provide the individual with the tools and support that are necessary to overcome their addiction.

Some of the functions and elements that make a good recovery program are:

  • The capacity to facilitate a medical detox
  • A variety of treatment therapies that are designed to engage the unique situation that each person is facing
  • A comprehensive aftercare program that is designed to provide the support and growth mechanisms to consistently improve the person's chance of a full and complete recovery
  • A strong emphasis on relapse prevention
  • A program that encompasses these elements will play an integral role in helping a person to defeat their addiction.

The Different Treatment Modalities

There are three primary treatment modalities that are used by most drug treatment centers. Each of these treatments takes a unique approach to dealing with the complex nature of drug addiction; however, they all have proven to be successful when properly implemented. The goal of the program director at the treatment center is to match each individual with the modality that is most suited for them.

The top three modalities that are used by the top quality drug treatment centers are:

  • Motivational Incentives
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Cognitive-behavioral

When checking into a good recovery center, the program director will work directly with the staff and the individual to determine the modality that will work best for that individual.

Different Types of Therapies

In addition to the main therapies described above, there are a number of other ways that experts seek to treat addicts.

Some of the most utilized therapies are:

  • Group meetings
  • Music therapy
  • Art therapy
  • 12-step program
  • Individual counseling
  • General spirituality
  • Biofeedback
  • Family therapy

No matter what therapy is used, one of the most effective elements of any drug treatment program is the use of supportive therapy that is built of positive feedback that helps to elevate the self-esteem and the self-image of the individual.

Not every person will respond to the same treatment in the same way. There are a number of factors that affect how an addict will respond to rehab, including their physiological and psychological state and the type of substance(s) they are abusing. The important thing is finding the method that works best for each individual.

When a person checks into a residential treatment center, they gain access to a well-qualified team that has the expertise and experience necessary to provide the support and guidance that is essential to overcoming an addiction.

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