Officials Meet for Talks on Heroin Addiction in Connecticut

Following a seemingly growing epidemic of heroin addiction and abuse in Willimantic and its surrounding areas, a lawmaker, along with mental health officials and drug abuse experts, met to discuss how to combat the heroin addiction problem. Sen. Richard Blumenthal laid out the statistics of the state: 195 deadly heroin, morphine and codeine overdoses in 2012; 284 in 2013, and 347 last year. Despite greater attention placed on heroin addiction and other opiate abuse, they're having a hard time controlling the rise in drug use. They plan to attack the issue head on. With heroin being highly addictive, its easy availability and lack of resources to address the addiction, it won't be an easy fete.

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What Is Heroin?

Heroin is a synthetic drug that is made from the opium poppy plant. It is listed as a Schedule I drug by the United States government, indicating that it has very limited medical application and a very high chance of being abused. It is considered the most addictive of all drugs along with methamphetamine.

How Is Heroin Abused?

Heroin users most commonly inject the drug, though they can also snort it or use it as a suppository. The drug greatly reduces pain and anxiety while also giving the user a euphoric high.

As heroin is used, it gradually rewires the brain. It reshapes the brain's reward center so that users feel as strong of a need for it as they do for food and air. If they don't get it at regular intervals, they face extremely unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, which can progress to being dangerous in severe cases.

What Are The Signs Of Addiction?


Since heroin suppresses appetite, users may lose a lot of weight very quickly. They also tend to neglect their dress and appearance and may disappear inexplicably for long periods. Heroin also tends to make users very tired while they are high, and they may "nod out" in the middle of social interactions or at other inappropriate times.


Heroin users frequently become socially withdrawn and may experience long periods of depression or anxiety. They may also have sudden mood swings, going from being energetic to exhausted in a short amount of time.

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